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... includes a wide range of culinary delights. She is influenced by the geographical expansion and its diverse natural resources. Even today the influence of the Mughal period is reflected in the cuisine of Northern India (Punjab). The names of the dishes from this region often involve the words Korma, Mughlai and Shahi. Lots of ingredients used in these dishes are cardamom, nuts and saffron. Wheat and wheat products are the main food of the north. The airy chapatis resemble Mexican tortillas. Varieties of paranthas chapati are flat cakes with or without filling, and naan. Punjab is also the home of tandoori dishes, where marinated meats and pickled seafood are prepared in a clay oven (tandoor). They are cooked in the tandoor by the heat stored in the clay wall.

In the southern regions of India, rice is usually served with very liquid curries. The south Indian curry is very spicy. The Madras curry is often used here.

Eastern India (Bengal), the land of poets and artists, has its own special cuisine: rice and seafood, often flavored with mustard oil, are found in many recipes. Bengali sweets are popular all over India. Most of them are made from milk.

In the western coastal regions seafood, coconuts and fresh peppers are prepared in an infinite variety. This is the home of the very sharp vindaloo curries, which gives the characteristic hot and sour taste to a number of chili peppers and vinegar.


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